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  • Welcome to De Silva Theatrical

    De Silva Theatrical provides a first-class, one stop shop for all your musical and technical needs on any theatrical production.

    From the provision of live pit bands and musical direction, right through to midi-playback and computer augmented musical support - we are the premier supplier to your production.

    We draw upon six years of professional experience on a multitude of theatre shows - with our products being the preferred services to production companies nationwide.

    Musical Direction

    We can provide a musical director/pianist for your production from casting right through to the closing curtain.


    Scoring & Transcription

    If you need a score transcribing, arranging or just want to see your music on paper, we can provide professional engravers to do this.


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  • Musical Direction

    From the first planning meeting, through to the
    final curtain, we provide the very best musical support.

    The role of musical director is one of the most challenging in both amateur and professional theatre. Our service takes the stress away from the production team by providing an experienced musical director for the entire period of your production.
    With experience ranging from classic musicals to pop/rock concerts, our professional team will work with you to find out exactly what your production requires.

    Past Productions include:

    In addition to providing a Musical Director, we are also leaders in providing live musicians for pit bands across the country.
    Our professionally trained musicians specialise in musical theatre productions, being fluent readers and versatile performers, and are at home both on stage and in the pit.

    All our staff have undergone strict reference checks including full CRB/DBS checking. All contractors provided by De Silva Theatrical hold fully comprehensive public liability insurance and any electrical equipment will be fully PAT tested prior to arriving on site.

    For more information about our Musical Direction service, please contact us.

  • Scoring and Transcription

    At De Silva Theatrical we are specialists in scoring and transcription, with work ranging from rescoring musical theatre arrangements for smaller/larger ensembles to creating brand new scores from recorded materials.

    Re-Scoring / Engraving

    In the past we have taken handwritten scores, some of which have been largely unreadable, and turned them into standard, easy to read printed notation. This service is invaluable to any musical theatre composer who works by hand - especially if their music is due to be performed by reading musicians.

    Arranging & Re-Orchestration

    One of our most popular services is taking scores for well known musicals and condensing the orchestration to fit a production's budgeted band size. A great example of this is our reorchestration of 'Me and My Girl' in 2011 - taking the twenty piece arrangement and reorchestrating to suit a band size of eight.


    Have you ever created a piece of music and wanted to see it written down in notation? At De Silva Theatrical we are specialists in providing a low-cost, high-quality service to composers and song-writers across the country. This service is provided remotely via the internet, so clients can be anywhere in the world.

    For more information about our
    Scoring & Transcription services, please contact us.